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Skin Labo's founder, CoCo, has been in the beauty industry for many years and is very much considered a leader in the industry.  She fundamentally believes in the importance of preserving youthfulness and therefore the ultimate pursuit for Skin Labo is to enable our customers to age in grace and beauty.  


Our beauty philosophy lies in meeting the needs of our customers by planning a regime that is customised according to their skin and physiological needs and, in so doing, develop the best possible holistic beauty maintenance programme for them.  To deliver the best treatment for our customers, we place a strong emphasis on acquiring the best products, technologies and techniques available in the global market.


We stand by Dermalogica, a well-established American brand, for all our facial treatments.  We do so because Dermalogica products do not contain artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, S.D alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, formaldehyde or comedogenic ingredients.  For these reasons, we strongly believe that Dermalogica is by far the best answer to every beautiful lady's skin needs as it is able to deliver the most meticulous care for their skin. 


We keep abreast of technological advances and constantly upgrade the machines that we use for our treatments.  New high-end machines are brought online every few months.  Some of these machines will enable more effective treatments while others will enhance the comfort of our customers.  Both of these are inherently important to us. 


While machines are important, they have to be complemented by proper techniques.  It is ultimately the technique that combine and enhance the effectiveness of products and technologies.  To this end, we regularly send our staff to countries like Taiwan and Korea where the beauty industry is more developed, to learn from and interact with beauticians from other countries, so that our staff can improve on the skills that they already have and at the same time bring back the most advanced technologies and techniques to Singapore and share them with customers. 


Being exposed to Chinese medical treatments at a young age by her grandmother (who was the Medical Director of a Chinese hospital) and having to work her way up from beautician when her family met with financial distress CoCo's techniques have developed to the extent that she is well recognised as a master in the beauty industry in Singapore and abroad.  Indeed, CoCo has, on several occasions, been invited to Korea to judge their beauty competitions.


Although Skin Labo has not been around for long, the brand is recognized by many and there are good reasons why.  We have had customers who have been infertile for many years have successfully become pregnant after going through the hormonal balancing treatment, while there are also others who have gone through the breast care programme and seen fibroadenoma gradually disappear.  There are also countless cases of customers who have seen their acne scars disappear and experienced smooth and supple skin.  These small ‘beauty miracles’ have given rise to our reputation in the industry.  You can always be sure that our treatments will work to preserve your youthfulness and help you age beautifully and gracefully.

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